Hi – my name is Anne Richardson and I’m the person behind Being Self Employed.

Before striking out on my own 11 years ago, I spent almost 15 years learning lessons while working for others. Some of my previous experience includes:

  • working in the Political Office of The White House
  • writing speeches for a Presidential Campaign
  • developing advertising and marketing for Prudential Securities in New York
  • helping start a small business financing company

Yes, I worked in Washington and on Wall Street. But don’t blame anything on me – I didn’t have enough power to do any mischief.

Why did I venture out on my own? Two main reasons. First, I’ve never really liked being told what to do. (Just ask my parents.) I’d rather work with clients than for bosses. Second, I saw a need in the market that I didn’t see anyone else addressing – at least as I thought it should be.

I began my journey as a solopreneur in 1999 when I started Channel Marketing, an Internet marketing company. My path has had many twists and turns, hills and valleys and forks in the road, but my revenues have grown steadily over the years. I managed to survive the dot-com bust (turns out the Internet wasn’t a fad) and have even had my best years during the current Great Recession.

In my business, I am an educator and evangelist for Internet marketing. While my core business is still my priority (it pays the bills after all), I’m now embarking on an additional quest for which I’m equally passionate.

  • A quest to help others succeed (as they define it) with self-employment.
  • A quest to promote a greater understanding of the growing role we solo entrepreneurs are playing within the business community.
  • And a quest to help our government, at all levels, understand and appreciate the value we bring to the economy, the unique challenges we face and how they need to stop putting hurdles in our path. (Yes, this part may be a bit Quixotic.)

I live in Richmond, Virginia. When I’m not working, I’m usually playing tennis or golf, learning something new, or having drinks with friends. I’m a huge dog person and believer in adopting rescued dogs (both of mine are.) I get great joy from volunteering for a local dog rescue and adoption group. I played lacrosse at the University of Virginia and have a blast as a volunteer coach for youth girl’s lacrosse.