“… maybe what all of us need in our business is someone pushing us just a little bit harder to go further than we thought we could go.”

This is something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately. Since I’m self-employed, I alone have to generate the discipline and motivation to reach my goals.

When it comes to client work, there is an external force pushing me to get things done – my clients. So that’s no problem.

But how about all the projects I want to do for my own business? For those, I’m only accountable to myself.  I’ve shared my ideas and what I’m working on with some others. And I do work on them a fair amount. But there isn’t anyone who I keep regularly updated on my progress – or lack thereof.

I happened to come across a blog post (below) that really resonated with me. It talks about getting a ‘personal trainer’ for your business.

I think that’s just what I need. Someone who will understand exactly what I’m trying to achieve, helps me plot out the best course for getting there, and holds me accountable.

I may need to hire someone. Or maybe I can find another solopreneur in the same situation and we can be ‘work-out buddies’.

Self-employment is great; self-motivation is hard. Time to bring in someone else to push me to achieve more.

Of course finding the right person won’t be easy.  Do you have personal trainer or coach for your business? How does it work for you?

Here’s the blog post that help clarify what I need:


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