So often it’s the simplest ideas that are most impactful.

Do things others aren’t willing to do.

That’s what John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing answered recently when asked “What’s the secret to success?”

We all have part of us that dreams of an easy ‘secret’ that can help us achieve our goals – but deep down we know it doesn’t exist.

We know that success is the result of hard work & taking risks.


Many years ago a tennis coach said he’d share with me his ‘secret’ for winning matches. So I leaned in as he whispered “get the ball back more times than your opponent.”

Momentarily I felt cheated. But as I thought about it, I came to appreciate and embrace that simple strategy. Whenever I’m in a tough match, I remember what he said. Take it one point at a time and get the ball back one more time than my opponents. Hustle more and focus on the basics.


As a solopreneur, you’ve already done something most others aren’t willing to do. You’ve taken the leap into self-employment, and you’re probably working your tail off.

But hard work alone may not be enough to beat your competitors.

Do things others aren’t willing to do.

My business is in an increasingly crowded field – Internet marketing. When I started 12 years ago, there weren’t many of us. Lately it seems like new SEO ‘experts’ and Social Media ‘gurus’ are multiplying faster than rabbits.

I have to assume that many of them are working just as hard as I am. So how do I continue to grow my business in the face of increasing competition? Innovate to differentiate. Right now I’m working on some new ways of providing value to clients. I’m even  thinking about a whole new business model.

Risky? Yes. The way I’ve been doing business for the last 12 years has worked well. Up to now. But I’m looking ahead.

How about you? Can you do business in a different way to help you succeed? Are you willing to work harder and take risks that your competitors aren’t willing to do? Please post a comment below.

John Jantsch’s article 

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