If you’re like me, much of the advertising you see every day leaves you scratching your head. What were they thinking?

It may be fine for agencies to spend their big client’s money trying to be clever. They may even win an award for it.

But as solopreneurs,we can’t afford to waste a single dime of our limited budgets.

Our marketing, whether offline or online,  must be quickly understood; it needs to be obvious.

We need to be crystal clear about how what we offer can help a prospective customer. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be creative.

As Rohit Bhargava put it on the Influential Marketing Blog: “sometimes the most stunningly creative thing you can do is choose to focus on the most obvious and ordinary part of your business.”

As consumers, we’re bombarded with thousands of  sales messages each day. Our attention spans are tiny and our brains have become lightening fast at filtering out hype. We don’t have the time or desire  to read between the lines to figure out some clever marketing.

So help your prospective customers do business with you – make it glaringly obvious why they should.

Here’s Rohit’s post that inspired this mini rant:
The Upside of Being Ordinary & Obvious

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