The following is a Guest Post by Christine Hanlon, the owner of Sage Organizing. She brought up this topic at our last Solopreneur Roundtable and it really got me thinking. I wasn’t prepared. Are you?

A Dark Side Of Going It Alone As An Entrepreneur

You are lying in a doctor’s exam room sheathed only with a paper gown. As you wait you wonder, “Am I going to make it through this? What would happen to my business if I am not around?”

Freighting thought isn’t?

I will tell you from my own experience it’s scary. What comes to mind as the bad news sinks in are all centered around should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve. This is a very uncomfortable position to be in and it is the dark side of being alone as an entrepreneur today. (A post about how a colleague’s online presence continued after his death) Ghostly appearances on active web sites and real legal issues are two reasons to prepare for an uncertain future. The fact is it would be extremely hard for family, friends, and colleagues to pick up the pieces of your business especially in the time of loss.

But the good news is you can take some anticipated pain away by being pro-active. Being pro-active is about having the pride, courage, willingness, acceptance, and love for others to DO something before it is needed, being pro-active feels good.  Think of it as a security blanket for your love ones and the business.

Where to start?

Create an “In Case of Emergency” document.  At the very least you should have an “In Case of Emergency” document with the following information:

  • Service providers for your company; e.g. bank, accountant, lawyer, etc.
  • Web presences providers including user names and pass words, e.g. Facebook, Linked In, web hosting, etc.

Continue by gathering:

  • Current clients and key colleagues.
  • Others in your field that could take over clients if necessary.

Download a FREE one page “In Case of Emergency” form to get you started.

Don’t download the form and think you will get around to it by the end of the day. Carve out 15 minutes and fill out the form NOW.

Once you have filled it out, then tell someone close to you where it is in case of an emergency.

Aspire to make it as easy for the ones closest to you to carry on or complete your business vision.