Time to get on my soapbox again. Since this is a Presidential election year, we’re hearing a lot about tax reform plans and small business.  I wish I had a nickle for every time a candidate says “small business is the engine of growth.” But I’d have empty pockets even if I got $100 for every time their plans actually include anything that would positively affect the 22 million of us who are self-employed.

The word Comprehensive gets thrown around all the time when it comes to tax reform plans.  Sorry Mr. Politician – you either need to find another word or come up with some new plans.

Here’s the dictionary definition of Comprehensive: covering completely or broadly; inclusive.

If you ignore the 78% of small businesses that are self-employed professionals, your plans are not Comprehensive. Lowering the Corporate tax rate doesn’t help the 95% of businesses where profits are ‘passed-through’ to the owner(s) and included on their Personal tax returns.

We are a vital part of our communities and the nation’s economy. So if you want to spur growth, show a little love to the 22 million of us who are out here producing every day. You might just win yourself some votes.

Do you feel like politicians are ignoring solopreneurs?



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