Because I’m on a Quest. And in talking with other solo-entrepreneurs, so are they.

Our quest is to increase our revenues without increasing the size of our businesses. To make our businesses better but not bigger.

Are you on this same quest?

Challenges and Opportunities. All businesses have them.

But being self-employed, we have some unique challenges in our battle to successfully juggle all the balls that make up our businesses. We also have unique opportunities when it comes to designing our business models and our lifestyles.

This blog is about the quest we undertake to overcome challenges and create opportunities as we strive to take our businesses to the next level and build a successful life – however each of us chooses to define it.

What are these challenges we face? It all boils down to Limited Resources: Time, Money, Knowledge, Skills, Systems, Ideas, Energy, Motivation – you get the idea.

The very nature of being self-employed means we come smack up against these obstacles every day.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle of all looks back at us from the mirror every morning – ourselves. We get stuck in our ways and it’s hard to change.  Or our fears keep us from trying to achieve new goals.

That’s why I’ve committed myself to this quest. I’m going to be examining each aspect of my business and looking for ways to improve it. I’m going to start taking actions on ideas that until now have only existed in my head. (This blog is one of them.)

I admit it – I’m an information junkie. There’s a lot of great information and advice on the Web; there’s also a lot of crap. So I spend a great deal of time sifting through it all to find the golden nuggets that apply to me as a soloist.

I also learn from others who are self-employed. Sometimes we talk about specific issues, sometimes one of us just needs a sounding board or a pep talk, sometimes it turns into a full-on venting session. (We’ve all had frustrations with less-than-ideal clients.) Basically, it boils down to sharing.

So that’s what I’m trying to do with Learning &  Sharing.

What does that mean for you?

If you are constantly trying to learn how to improve your business, but don’t have a lot of spare time – you’ll have a resource that will provide actionable information, thought-provoking ideas, inspiration, motivation and sense of connection with the self employed community.

I certainly don’t know everything.

That’s why the information on this blog will come from a wide variety of experts and other solopreneurs. I will be sharing some of my experiences and lessons learned over the last  eleven years. I’ll also be raising questions that are important and relevant to those of us in the free agent community.

Here are the some of the topics – the balls we juggle – that will be explored:

  • Working Smarter
  • Achieving Goals
  • Growing our Businesses
  • Dealing with Clients/Customers
  • Marketing, Sales, Networking
  • Money Matters
  • Balance & Energy
  • Inspiration & Motivation
  • Technology & Work Space
  • Self-Employment & Entrepreneurship

Come on – Join in

While we may each be ‘alone’ in our business, we all know that we’ve gotten where we are with the help of others. We learn from and are inspired by others. I am – everyday.

So if you’re self-employed and on a quest to overcome challenges and create opportunities – please join the conversation. Share your thoughts and experiences.


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