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I’ll admit it – I’m a procrastinator. But just on certain things. Why do I put off doing some things but not others? Honestly, because I don’t feel like doing them. Turns out 63% of us procrastinate for the same reason.

Some productivity experts say that we should tackle the most important tasks first thing in the morning to make sure they get done. Makes sense. But I’m thinking a different approach  may be needed for chronic procrastinators like me .

There are some aspects of my work that I don’t  like to do; the reality is they’re just boring. So they stay on my to-do list for extended periods of time – starring back at me, morning after morning. If you’re like me, you enjoy crossing items off your to-do list and come to resent those things which seem to have a life of their own.

So before diving into the most important things to do each day, a new approach might be to tackle at least one dreaded task first. Wouldn’t it be satisfying to finally start crossing those annoying items off our lists?

So I think I’ll starting doing that – tomorrow :)

Why People Procrastinate Survey Results

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