One of the best parts of being self employed is the freedom that comes having control over your own time. But this flexibility can also cause your productivity to suffer.

I still put in a ‘normal’ workday as far as the hours I work. (Usually it ends up being more than standard 9 to 5.) The difference is that I’m in control of what I do during each day. Nobody is telling me I have to attend endless meetings or get a report to them by 3pm.

Of course we do still need to meet with clients, prospects and referral sources. The key is when to meet with them. As important as these meetings are, they can be a ‘disruption’ from getting work done. If you’re in the middle of working on a project but have to stop to go to a meeting, then your productivity suffers.

I’ll let you in on a tip that a fellow solopreneur shared with me: schedule ‘meeting days’ so you clump them together. That frees up other days to focus purely on project work without the disruption of having to go to meetings. Just making that small change to how I work has really increased my productivity. (Bonus: you only have to dress nicely on those meeting days.)

Here’s a good article about this practice:
Schedule a “Meeting Day to Reduce Distractions

How about you – do you schedule ‘meeting days’ or do you have another productivity tip you’d like to share?

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